3W 28i Engine with 80W Generator System

Ready to run 3W 28i two-stroke engine with UAV Factory's  80W onboard generator system

Key Features

The 3W 28i engine is supplied together with UAV Factory’s proprietary 80W onboard generator system. The generator system is factory installed on the 3W 28i engine and tested before delivery.

The two-stroke 3W 28i engine is a proven choice for unmanned aircraft vehicles due to excellent power-to-weight ratio and reliability. The 28i engine is available in both pusher and tractor versions. It is also possible to order 3W 28 CS engine, which offers higher power output.
The 3W 28i engine and generator system is often used for unmanned aircraft vehicles with the takeoff weight of 8 to 23 kg.

The following items are included in the 3w 28i engine and generator system:
  • 3W 28i (or 28 CS) engine. Pusher or tractor engine versions are available
  • Ignition unit
  • Preinstalled 80W onboard generator system
  • Generator Power Unit
  • Wiring with Fischer push-pull connectors installed
  • Two level anti-vibration engine mount (optional)
  • Hitec digital throttle servo and linkage (optional)

Product Specification

Engine Specifications:

Engine model 3W 28i or 28 CS, two stroke
Power 3.35 hp (28i) or 3.55 hp (28 CS)
Capacity 28 cc
Speed range 1500-8500 rpm
Oil / Gasoline Ratio 1:50 / 2% mix
Recommended 2-bladed Propellers 16x10, 18x8, 18x10, 20x8, 19x11
Recommended 3-bladed Propellers 16x8, 16x10
Engine weight ( including ignition) 1.2 kg
Muffler Not included

Electrical Specifications:
Generator type Brushed
Generator voltage range 13 – 50 VDC
External power supply voltage range 13 – 50 VDC
Battery Type 3 cells Li-Polymer (not included)           
Battery Voltage 12.6 V
Maximum battery charging current 2 A
Maximum continuous generator current 3.5 A
Maximum continuous battery current 8 A
Maximum continuous external power current 8 A
Output voltage 6 V and 12 V
Maximum output voltage ripple 50 mV @6V 50 mV@12V
Continuous load current, 6 Volt output 1,2 5 A
Continuous load current, 12 Volt output 1,2 5 A
Maximum GPU efficiency 90 %
Maximum total generator system efficiency 75 %
Maximum peak load current 10 A for 10 seconds
No load GPU current 110 mA
Tachometer range 1000-9000 rpm
Tachometer accuracy 200 rpm
Current sensor range 0 to 10 A
Current sensor accuracy 0.2 A
Voltage sensor accuracy 0.1 V
Serial Communication 5V TTL

Generator System Mechanical Specifications:

GPU Dimensions 59.4 x 115.8 x 32.4 mm
GPU Weight ~190 grams
Complete Onboard Generator System weight  ~500 grams
Maximum GPU enclosure temperature 70°C
Environmental protection IP 64 standard, IP 68 on request
Operating temperature - 40°C to +50°C 2
Electrical connectors Fischer 104 Series push-pull connector

1 Generator continuous current must not exceed 3.5 A
2 Enclosure temperature must not exceed 70 °C , additional cooling may be required

Maximum generator power output

Product Downloads

80 W Onboard generator system Datasheet
80 W Onboard generator system User Manual

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Product Video

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