Leader of the small fixed-wing UAV market segment

Edge Autonomy is the leader in the small, fixed-wing UAV segment. We also develop and produce subsystems, stabilized EO/IR camera payloads and accessories for the unmanned and manned aircraft industry. Our systems, airframes, components and subsystems are delivered to over 57 different countries. As confirmed by industry analysts, we manufacture the highest performance UAVs in the Group 2 and Group 3 category.


Employees in Europe and the USA


Countries with our clients


Flight test hours

We deliver technology to the world

UAV Factory was established in 2009 with the goal of developing the most advanced technology in the small, long-endurance unmanned aircraft market segment. Our company's culture is based on developing the best operational technology utilizing agile methodology. Our products are operating in the most demanding conditions around the globe, fulfilling the most challenging missions possible.

Penguin C series UAVs are used by governments around the world in defense, as well as search and rescue applications. Our products are the first choice for commercial applications such as linear infrastructure inspection, security applications, mapping, and aerial nuclear radiation measurements.

UAV Factory heavily invests in research and development and we manufacture around 90% of our subsystems inhouse. All UAV Factory products undergo rigorous quality test procedures for thousands of hours.

Our values



UAV Factory goal is to produce reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance products. This set of requirements is the reason why we have decided to develop our own technology and subsystems. By having our own subsystems, we can ensure that the product is reliable, which is the number one parameter that needs to be achieved.

Seamless integration between the subsystems allows us to achieve the best performance since individual components are made to work with each other. We can also save weight and make the system cost-effective.



  • UAV Factory established
  • The Company begins development of Penguin B UAV


  • The first delivery of Penguin B UAV


  • Development of onboard generator system and portable ground control station


  • Penguin B sets the world flight endurance record with a flight time of 54,4 hours
  • Development of pneumatic catapult begins


  • Development of Penguin C, EFI engine with low-detectability muffler, parachute and recovery system


  • Initial delivery of EFI engine system
  • Ongoing Penguin C development and testing


  • Initial delivery of Penguin C and more than 100 Penguins produced
  • Development of Epsilon 135 gimbal and 12 kJ catapult


  • New facility with expanded production capabilities
  • Announced new Octopus ISR System division
  • Development of dual-sensor Epsilon 140 gimbal and proprietary tracking antenna system


  • Developed the world's smallest four-sensor payload Epsilon 140Z and MWIR gimbal Epsilon 135
  • Significant Airbus contract award
  • Established the USA location in Bend, Oregon


  • Initial flight of Penguin C VTOL
  • Penguin C purchased by the USA SOCOM
  • Strategic contract award with Latvia National Armed Forces


  • Initial flight of Penguin C Mk2 with MWIR Epsilon 175 gimbal
  • Continued testing of Penguin C VTOL 
  • AEWE2019 assessment success


  • Next-generation of avionics and datalink integration
  • Retractable VTOL Rotor Systems and methods patent pending with the USA Patent and Trademark Office
  • Production milestone of more than 300 Penguin UAVs

We hire experts

UAV Factory employs the best and the brightest minds in the industry. Our highly trained workforce is formed into integrated teams that function at the highest levels in their specialities.

Over 125 employees of UAV Factory are trained in aerospace, mechanical engineering, production, software engineering, software development, electrical engineering, mechatronics, and flight operations.

Vertically integrated company

UAV Factory manufactures most of our systems inhouse and has strong expertise in developing complex technologies. UAV Factory has a wide range of engineering teams that cover all aspects of aircraft design from aerodynamics, electronics, electro-optics, electro-mechanics, control systems, software, mechanical, structural and composites. Our electro-optics, measurements, vibration, engine and environmental test laboratories provide complete testing of our products.

Our production lines are comprised of state-of-the-art equipment including the latest CNC. UAV Factory is a proponent of lean methodology and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. UAV Factory has its own flight academy and flight test range to perform world class-leading training programs.

UAV Factory – your reliable supplier

- Founded in 2009

- ISO9001:2015 certified

- US Department of State Registration M38082 US

- TAA and DSP-06 licensed

- DLA/TLS approved

- AIRBUS Defence and Space Supplier

We have earned respect

Edge Autonomy represents decades of proven unmanned systems technology delivered to government, commercial, and academia customers in nearly 60 countries. Our insistence upon thoroughness, quality, and customer support has allowed us to serve our customers with a product that they love, and that we are proud of. Today, we are flying high... and long. The Penguin B UAV has set the world record in its class for longest nonstop flight time 54 hours and 27 minutes. The Penguin C is at the very top of performance on small fixed-wing UAS class. Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection has paid off.

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