News • 2020.06.05

Penguin C UAS completes first flight over Fukushima

Congratulations to CLEAR-PULSE / JDRONE for starting flight operations over Fukushima, Japan! Penguin C UAV was selected for radiation monitoring missions in Japan. Aircraft will use proprietary payloads developed for airborne radiation monitoring applications.

UAV Factory has signed a contract with Japanese company CLEAR-PULSE CO., LTD for Penguin C unmanned aerial systems.

CLEAR-PULSE /JDRONE successfully conducted its first acceptance flight of the Penguin C UAS over Fukushima, Japan on Friday the 15th of May 2020. It has been announced that Penguin C will be used for researching and monitoring radiation in the event of a nuclear power plant accident.

The Penguin C can be equipped with day and night vision camera to help guide search and rescue operations in case of the unlikely event of accidents such as flood, earthquake, forest fire and pandemic events.

Link to the source: UAV Factory’s Penguin C UAS Completes First Flight over Fukushima