Penguin B VTOL UAV

Reliable Platform for system integrators

The VTOL version of the Penguin B is a perfect choice for those who desire to integrate their own choice of subsystems into a proven and dependable vertical take-off and landing platform. The airframe is easy to assemble and provides 8+ hours of flight operations.

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Penguin B VTOL UAV

8+ h flight endurance

More than 8 h endurance with a fuel-injected engine option


Notable Payload Capacity

Up to 7.2 kg (15.8 lb) payload capacity


Options & Accessories

Wide range of options and accessories to choose from (see options below)



Free Pixhawk autopilot configuration files and extensive documentation set


  • Takeoff in any terrain
  • Capable of safe takeoff and landing in over 15 m/s (33.5 mph) wind
  • High-performance platform ready for payload and autopilot integration
  • 4-day integrator training available
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • In-line propeller stopping design for reduced air drag during level flight
  • Safety plugs for VTOL motors to improve technician's safety
  • Floating connectors to reduce UAV assembly time
  • Quick-release joints for easy and fast wing assembly or disassembly


If equipped with advanced Epsilon EO/IR payloads produced by OCTOPUS ISR Systems, the Penguin B VTOL is one of the most capable surveillance and inspection unmanned aircraft systems available on the market.


The sleek and efficient design gives the best in class performance. Optimized for endurance, the Penguin B VTOL airframe has enough internal volume to lift 7.5 liters (2 gallons) of fuel providing more than 8 hours of endurance with the fuel-injected engine.

The Penguin B VTOL allows users to kick-start small fixed-wing UAV production with the use of an industry-proven airframe and compatible subsystems and components. The Penguin B VTOL is available as a semi-integrated airframe ready for autopilot and payload integration by customers that have competency in aircraft integration.

UAV Factory also provides a 4-day Penguin B integration course, which is highly recommended to ensure successful integration projects are delivered in a short time.

While the Penguin B VTOL integration requires additional effort, the Penguin C VTOL is coming soon and it will be UAV Factory's ready-to-fly, fully integrated VTOL UAV

Platform includes the following components

Penguin B VTOL

  • Airframe, Servos, VTOL motors, ESCs
  • Interchangeable universal payload mount
  • Preinstalled carbon fiber landing gear
  • Centerwing GPS and transponder compartment
  • Carbureted 28 cc gasoline 2-stroke engine
  • 3 liter (0.78 gal) fuel tank with tubing
  • Vibration dampening engine mounts
  • Refueling ports
  • Main 26-pin electrical connector for autopilot integration
  • VTOL motor batteries
  • Wingtip and boom electrical connectors


The Penguin B VTOL is specifically engineered as a platform. This means that in order to get a fully operational system, all you need to do is integrate the payload, data link, and autopilot, and you will be ready to fly!

The producer of Octopus payloads is our factory's subdivision Octopus ISR Subsystems that does full product manufacturing cycle in-house: from development to design, from prototyping to hand-tuning, thus making Epsilon series gimbals the best choice for use with our UAV. Choose your payload compatible with the Penguin B VTOL UAV.

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