Penguin C VTOL UAS


The VTOL version of the Penguin C Mk2 UAS is the perfect choice for demanding operations such as takeoff and landing in variable terrains and even in 30-knot winds. Its flight endurance of 14+ hours (payload dependent) and 180 km range meets the requirements of various missions. Moreover, the Penguin C VTOL excels as a multi-mission surveillance system.

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14+ h flight endurance

Long flight endurance for critical mission success


180 km / 112 mi range

Silvus advanced datalink with MIMO and mesh


Crew of two

It fits in a pickup, minivan or helicopter and can be assembled in less than 45 minutes



The aircraft is non-ITAR restricted, giving our global customers easy access to its capabilities


Extra payload space

Secondary payload bay for custom payloads


Take off in any terrain

Fully automated and precise vertical takeoff and landing


Patented boom technology

20% endurance increase with patented AEROFLOW boom technology


  • 4.5 kg / 9.9 lb of payload capacity
  • Takeoff and landing in 30-knot winds
  • Quick and simple deployment
  • Secondary payload bay for custom payloads
  • Parachute system for an emergency landing
  • Anti-Jam interference avoidance
  • Remote video terminal with mesh
  • Voice and data relay for Silvus Tactical Radios
  • Operational in GPS denied environment
  • MISB compliant video stream
  • Operational and maintenance training
  • Maritime Operations (SARSAT, AIS)


If equipped with advanced Epsilon EO/IR payloads, the Penguin C VTOL MIL is one of the most capable surveillance UASs available on the market.


Field-swappable payload

Penguin C VTOL has a unique swappable nose design that allows the field replacement of payloads within seconds. The swappable nose has an integrated motor that brings additional roll stabilization and protects the payload during emergency and regular landings. Furthermore, the swappable payload design allows customers to conveniently integrate custom payloads into the Penguin C VTOL.



A crew of two can operate the Penguin C VTOL UAS and all the necessary equipment. The whole system, packed in several ruggedized containers, can be transported in a single minivan, pickup, or helicopter and assembled in under 45 minutes.

Reliable and proven integrated emergency parachute landing prevent the risk of damage to the aircraft or payload in emergency situations. Thousands of reliable recoveries and integrated automatic release-upon-touchdown mechanism to eliminate wind-dragging.

With the Silvus MIMO 4X4 tracking antenna system, you can achieve high throughput communication at a range of 180 km. The Penguin C VTOL also has an onboard voice and data relay for Silvus Tactical Radios.

32 kg

Maximum takeoff weight

The Penguin C VTOL MIL UAS is a 14+ hour endurance, long-range tactical VTOL solution in Group 2 or 3. The aircraft is non-ITAR restricted, giving our global customers easy access to its capabilities.



Over 9000 hours


UAV Factory’s flight operations team has flight-tested the Penguin C UAS for over 9000 hours to ensure its reliability and robustness in normal to severe weather conditions. 


Thanks to the UAV Factory’s own state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine, the Penguin C VTOL MIL flight endurance is more than 14 hours. In addition, its cooling system enables the aircraft to operate in temperatures ranging from below freezing to scorching hot conditions. Before delivery each engine is tested extensively in UAV Factory’s engine testing cell to maximize its reliability and efficiency.

The EFI engine comes built into a swappable propulsion module that can be changed in minutes, allowing for uninterrupted operation of the aircraft system. At the same time, maintenance could be performed on a second module.


Penguin C VTOL is available with the Epsilon series of advanced micro-gimbals developed by Octopus ISR Systems, a division of UAV Factory. Epsilon gimbals provide advanced observation, inspection, and surveillance capabilities, such as day and nighttime object tracking and small moving target indication.

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Penguin C VTOL is also available for purchase with an empty payload bay, and it comes with all documentation necessary to perform payload integration. This provides an option to integrate third-party payloads using standard connections based on specific project needs.

For powering the payload, customers can use the onboard 6V, 12V, and 24V power supply. For payload control and real-time video, customers can use an integrated data link Ethernet and serial pass-through with a rate of up to 12 Mbps.


Tailored support services

UAV Factory offers a wide range of tailored support services. Support services include extensive training programs, on-site support, operation start-up services and flight services. In addition, our flight operations department works closely with our customers to achieve optimal customer operational capability and meet their project goals.

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