Off-road Antenna Mast Trailer

Technical Specification

UAV Factory offroad antenna mast trailer

Trailer Specifications

Size (length/width in assembled state)

7050 mm / 2250 mm

Adjustable drawbar height

480 mm - 1000 mm

Full mass

3500 kg

Road clearance at full load

300 mm

Max cargo platform capacity

360 kg

Mast height

15 m

Maximum lifting capacity

120 kg

Max speed

80 km/h

Operational temperature

-40°C to +50°C / -40°F to +122°F

Maximum wind with extended mast

22 m/s, two 1-meter diameter grid antennas

27 m/s, one 1-meter diameter grid antenna

Diesel Power Generator Specifications

Prime power

7 kVA

Output voltage

230 Vac, 50.0 Hz, 1 phase

Fuel tank

70 litres

Fuel consumption (at 75% load)

2.5 l/h


70 dB(A) from 7 m distance

Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) Specifications

Backup time

12 hours (at 100 W consumption)


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