Fuel Level Sensor

Increases UAV system reliability

Fuel tank fuel level sensor for 7.5 litre long-endurance fuel tank allows maximizing the mission flight time and exploit maximum amount of fuel available

Key Features

  • Specifically designed for the Penguin B long-endurance fuel tank
  • Increases UAV system reliability
  • Allows to maximize flight time
  • Top-quality product
  • Lightweight



Fuel level sensor was specifically customized for the Penguin B 7.5 litre (1.98 gal) fuel tank by Gill Research and Development Ltd. Gill Sensors is the leading supplier of fuel measurement sensors for the unmanned aircraft industry and provides top of the line solutions.

The fuel level sensor increases the reliability of the unmanned system by providing precise information on fuel volume available during the flight. Fuel level sensor allows maximizing the flight time by exploiting the maximum amount of fuel available on board and keeping the fuel reserve constant from flight to flight.