Long-Endurance Fuel Tank

Lightweight composite structure

Specifically designed to maximize the amount of fuel that can be carried on board of the Penguin B UAV.

UAV Factory Long Endurance Fuel Tank

Key Features

  • Significantly higher volume than standard fuel tank
  • Lightweight composite structure
  • Shape designed specifically for Penguin B
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Filled with anti-slosh foam


With the fuel tank volume of 7.5 litres (1.98 gal), Penguin B can easily achieve 10+ hours of cruise flight time using the standard two-stroke 28cc engine. With UAV28-EFI engine 20+ hour-long flights can be achieved.

Fuel tank occupies maximum space inside the Penguin B fuselage and maintains the nearly constant centre of gravity during the flight. The fuel tank is filled with special anti-slosh foam, that reduces the fuel movement inside the fuel tank during the flight.

The long-endurance fuel tank can be easily removed from the fuselage to access additional space allocated for UAV avionics.

UAV Factory Long Endurance Fuel Tank
UAV Factory Long Endurance Fuel Tank
UAV Factory Long Endurance Fuel Tank