Penguin B VTOL UAV

Reliable Platform for system integrators

The VTOL version of the Penguin B is a perfect choice for those who desire to integrate their own choice of subsystems into a proven and dependable vertical take-off and landing platform. The airframe is easy to assemble and provides 8+ hours of flight operations.

Penguin B VTOL UAV


  • 8+ hours flight endurance
  • 7.2 kilograms of payload capacity or 11.7 kilograms combined fuel and payload
  • Simple and quick assembly – performed in under 15 minutes by one technician
  • Takeoff in any terrain
  • Capable of safe takeoff and landing in over 15 m/s wind
  • High-performance platform ready for payload and autopilot integration
  • Wide range of options and accessories available
  • Free autopilot configuration files for Pixhawk are available
  • 4-day integrator training available
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Full documentation included


The VTOL version of the Penguin B is a high-performance semi-integrated small UAV platform available for final assembly and customization by UAV system integrators. B VTOL brings new features to the Penguin B family. It is built for fast assembly - quick-release joints and floating connectors assure simple and quick assembly performed in under 15 minutes by one technician. The model is equipped with high-performance quick replacement VTOL batteries and has an in-line propeller stopping design for reduced air drag during level flight. Penguin B VTOL can be chosen with various options such as EFI engine, transponder, tracking antennas, portable GCS, bigger fuel tank, a more powerful generator, pitot-static tubes, and more. 

Penguin B VTOL allows users to kick-start small fixed-wing UAV production with the use of an industry-proven airframe and compatible subsystems and components. Penguin B VTOL is available as a semi-integrated airframe ready for autopilot and payload integration by the customers that have competency in aircraft integration. UAV Factory also provides a 4-day Penguin B integration course, which is highly recommended to ensure successful integration projects are delivered in a short time.


While Penguin B VTOL integration requires additional effort, Penguin C VTOL is coming soon and it will be UAV Factory's ready-to-fly fully integrated VTOL UAV.



Designed as a high-performance unmanned airframe, Penguin B VTOL is capable of up to 8+ hours of flight endurance with the fuel-injected engine. Penguin B VTOL can handle up to 11.7 kg of combined fuel and payload weight. A modular composite structure, fast assembly, large access hatches, and universal removable payload bay are the key features of the Penguin B VTOL innovative design. An optimized smart design makes the aircraft capable of safe takeoff and landing in over 15 m/s wind.

Modular Design

All components of the Penguin B VTOL are easily removable and completely interchangeable.

  • Universal Payload Mount for various payload installations; Payloads can be easily and quickly swapped by removing and installing together with the Mount.
  • Wing splits into three sections and the V-tail splits into two parts for simpler transportation.
  • High-end industrial-grade push-pull connectors for V-tail.
  • Industrial self-adjusting floating connectors for booms and wingtips are connected automatically when the parts are paired together.
  • A quick-release fastening is used extensively in the Penguin B VTOL airframe.
  • Payload bay access covers and VTOL Battery lids are equipped with DZUS type 1/4 to turn quick fasteners
  • CAD model of Penguin B VTOL available to simplify the payload and autopilot integration for the clients. Extensive documentation is provided with Penguin B VTOL aircraft and subsystems.
  • Available with UAV Factory's own UAV28-EFI turnkey fuel-injected engine. Efficient gasoline engine with electronic fuel injection and 80 W or 100 W power generator system. 
  • Free Pixhawk configuration files