Tailored support services

UAV Factory offers a wide range of tailored support services. Support services include extensive training programs, onsite support, operations start up services, and flight services.

Our flight operations department works closely with our customers to achieve optimal customer operational capability and meet the project goals.

System Training

  • Dedicated training team. Learn how to fly our state-of-the-art equipment from the most skilled operators and technicians in the industry. Our cadre of instructors takes students through a complete training program composed of academic exercises, flight simulators, and field operations. All courses offered by UAV Factory are location independent.
  • Europe based training. Co-located at our production center in Latvia, the UAV Factory Flight Academy provides students with in-depth training from our instructors and flight operations team. Students can expect to gain valuable experience with specific aircraft systems while working with the most current equipment our company has to offer.
  • USA based training. Located in the high desert of Oregon, our USA facility provides the ultimate experience in real-world UAV flight operations. In addition to the latest academics and simulations, students can expect to work alongside manned aircraft and air traffic control in realistic flight scenarios.

Operation Services

  • We offer Field Service Representatives
  • To reduce and simplify customer's operational load, we can help with the support of our flight operations teams
  • We will organize, plan, and execute our customers' entire flight operation, from site assessment and setup to 24/7 flight operations staffed with well trained and experienced UAS pilots

Maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) services

The UAV Factory maintenance and repair team is ready to support your operations. Our dedicated MRO facilities are staffed with a well trained and experienced maintenance team. If it's manufactured by UAV Factory, then the team can fix it.

Whether its unscheduled or scheduled maintenance the MRO facility is ready to get your equipment Fully Mission Capable (FMC) and shipped back to the customer in a timely manner.

On-site subject matter expert (SME) support

We know getting a UAV site up and running can be difficult with a new system or a system that has not been out of the box for some time.

UAV Factory Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team has extensive experience setting up UAV sites around the world in at the most challenging environments. No task is too big for this team!

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