December 09, 2010

Car-top launcher

UAV Factory has started the field testing of the car top launcher for the Penguin B UAVs. Launcher is designed to be mounted on the standard THULE car racks and can be removed from car in less than a minute. Penguin B UAV has already demonstrated perfectly smooth autopilot-controlled launches from the car top launcher. Car top launcher will allow Penguin B to takeoff from anywhere, where a car can reach a speed of 65-70 km per hour.
When compared against the catapult launcher, car top launcher has significant cost advantage, very simple structure with few moving parts and does not need external power supply as well.
UAV Factory is planning to deliver the first car-top launchers in March 2011.

December 06, 2010

UAV Generator system

UAV Factory is about to step into the onboard generator business- the 150 Watt generator controller unit will offer the unrivalled possibilities in a single ultra-light package. Some of the features include an integrated Lithium battery charger, 6 and 12 Volts regulated supplies as well as brushed and brushless generator/alternator input.
Controller unit features rs-232 serial communication and is capable of providing current and voltage measurments for both power supplies, battery voltage as well as battery current.

Controller module will be available in a sealed aluminum enclosure as well as OEM version.

November 06, 2010

Onboard generator system testing

UAV Factory has started testing pre-production onboard generator system prototype. Generator is mounted on 3W 28i engine and is capable of supplying 80 Watts of continuous power. Custom controller block has 6 and 12 Volts output as well as integrated Lithium Polymer battery charger.  Generator uses a high- efficiency industrial grade brushless motor.
Please contact us for details.
October 11, 2010

Latitude 38 wins the UAV Outback Documentary Challenge!

UAV Factory would like to congratulate Roland and Paul from Latitude 38 team for winning UAV Outback Documentary Challenge 2010!
The winning documentary movie is available at the following link. The full story of Latitude 38 team is available here. We would also recommend this photo review of the Outback Challenge 2010 as well as this excellent round-up of the challenge

August 23, 2010

UAV Outback Challenge 2010

This year, Penguin B airframes will take part in UAV Outback Challenge 2010. We wish good luck to team Latitude 38, that did an excellent job on integration, design and testing of the UAV system.

 For video of Latitude's flying Penguin, please see
July 01, 2010

Vibration engine mounts

UAV Factory has started delivering its new vibration damping mounts for its Penguin B airframes. Vibration mount has 2 levels of dampers and offers excellent vibration damping at cruise.   
May 10, 2010

EUROSATORY 2010 in Paris, France

UAVFACTORY LTD. is going to participate in EUROSATORY 2010 in Paris, France. Please visit us at booth #U820 from 14th-18th of June. Fore more information, please visit
April 29, 2010


UAVFACTORY LTD. has successfully taken part in SPIE DEFENCE, SECURITY+ SENSING EXHIBITION 2010. Thank you for visiting us !
February 10, 2010


UAVFACTORY LTD. is to take part in SPIE DEFENCE SECURITY+ SENSING EXHIBITION 2010 in Orlando, Florida and introduce its latest UAV airframe developments. For more information, please visit 
January 10, 2010

Penguin B development

UAVFACTORY developed and brought to the market its latest airframe Penguin B, the improved and redesigned version of Penguin A. Many positive improvements such as removable payload module, improved performance, quick release joints, optimized structure and oversize hatches