December 24, 2011

Portable Pneumatic Catapult Video

UAV Factory has released a new video of the portable pneumatic catapult. Video shows Penguin B UAV takeoff from UAV Factory's own 4 meter, 6 kJ catapult. First deliveries of the 6 kJ catapult are planned for February 2012.

UAV Factory offers catapult carriage modification for other types of UAVs in up to 40 kg takeoff weight. For specifications please visit

December 09, 2011

Currawong Engineering Electronic Fuel Injection in Penguin B UAV

UAV Factory is closely collaborating with Currawong Engeneering Pty and will soon offer the Penguin B UAVs equipped with Currawong’s advanced fuel injection system.
Currawong Engineering is the world leader in electronic fuel injection systems for UAVs, providing both gasoline and heavy fuel solutions for a range of small two stroke and four stroke engines. Over 700 fuel injections systems manufactured by Currawong are operating in the field. Currawong’s fuel injection system is ideal choice for UAV Factory’s Penguin B UAV- the fuel injected engine will boost the performance envelope in terms of fuel efficiency, endurance and reliability. With Currawong’s fuel injected engines, the Penguin B UAV will be able to perform routine missions of 25+ hours.

October 31, 2011

STOL upgrades

Penguin B recently received optional upgrades in order to enhance the short takeoff and landing (STOL) performance from unprepared runways. Upgrades include large 125 mm diameter wheels, new nose leg strut as well as more powerful engine. Videos of Penguin B takeoff and landing from unprepared runway are available here  and here. Flights were performed by the TerraLuma Team at University of Tasmania.
STOL upgrade kit is available as a retrofit for existing Penguin B aircraft users.

August 14, 2011

Penguin B UAV 26,5 hour flight

On the late evening of August 10th of 2011, UAV Factory team has set out for a flight with the aim to break the 40 hour endurance mark. The Penguin B UAV was launched using a car-top launcher at 20:15 pm. After 26 hours and 30 minutes of flight, the Penguin was forced to land at 22.45pm on August 11th due to software malfunction. There was still 2.5 kg of fuel left in the Penguin B UAV gas tank, which is enough for 13 to 14 hours of flight. During the flight the Penguin B UAV maintained an average speed of 19.8 m/s and covered 1889 kilometres. Penguin B also carried 1.6 kg of payload to demonstrate the usability of the system. A video of the Penguin B long flight take-off is available at the following link :
August 10, 2011

Parachute recovery for the Penguin B UAV

UAV Factory has recently performed a successful parachute recovery test for the Penguin B UAV. The recovery system features a large main parachute, pressure packed into deployment bag and a small extraction parachute. The recovery system is designed to provide the descent rate in the range of 4.5 to 5.6 m/s
July 28, 2011

Northwestern Michigan College flies with the Penguin B

Along with its regular pilot training,North Western Michigan College, located in Traverse City Michigan, has begun offering training courses in Unmanned Aerial Systems. The college has been training professional pilots for the past 40 years and is offering UAS courses as part of its Aviation Degree program. The most recent addition is the Penguin B produced by the UAV Factory. The Penguin B was a perfect choice for the college since it offers amazing performance and is easily tailored to a variety of missions. The college is planning to use the Penguin B not only for UAS operator training, but for water study and agricultural research projects as well. The Penguin B is being integrated with the Micropilot 2128 lrc autopilot system. For more info please see the Aviation Program at
July 28, 2011

MAKS 2011 International Aviation and Space Salon

UAV Factory's partner MEGA TECHNOLOGIES will show latest unmanned products during MAKS 2011 International Aviation and Space Salon in Moscow, Russia during 16-21 August. Please visit MAKS official website for more information:
July 11, 2011

AUVSI's Unmanned Systems North America 2011

UAV Factory will take part in AUVSI's Unmanned Systems North America 2011 during 16-19th of August. You are invited to visit UAV Factory's booth #1628 and see latest unmanned products. Please visit for more information.
July 11, 2011

Ground Control Station

UAV Factory announces its latest product – Ground Control Station (GCS) for the unmanned aircraft vehicles. GCS is based on Panasonic’s CF-31 rugged laptop, has additional 17 inch touch screen display with the brightness of 1700 nits, advanced battery power system with the hot-swap battery capability as well as integrated laptop docking station. GCS is packed in rugged military-grade transportation case.
GCS is directly compatible with Procerus Technologies Commbox ground station and can be factory customized for Cloud Cap Technologies, Micropilot or other autopilot system. Please contact us for additional information.

June 17, 2011

Penguin B presentation video

Today, UAV Factory has released a new Penguin B presentation video, which shows a detailed view of the Penguin B airframe. Please see the link for video:
June 16, 2011

Penguin B catapult launcher

UAV Factory has started  flight testing the new portable pneumatic catapult. Pneumtaic catapult is light, easy to operate and low cost. The catapult launch video is available at the following link :
May 16, 2011

Car-top launcher testing

UAV Factory is extensively testing the car-top launcher for the Penguin B UAV. Results show excellent repeatability and flexibility- UAV can takeoff from any surface, where a car can reach 70 km/h. This method is not sensitive to side-wind as opposed to runway takeoff and is simple to set-up with the basic autopilot system. Aircraft remains fully locked to the launcher, until the takeoff airspeed is reached and autopilot commands rotation. Please see the latest video for details:
March 20, 2011

Transportation Case

UAV Factory has started delivering military grade transportation cases for the Penguin B. Internal stringers ensure simple and safe component placement and fastening with the Velcro straps. Please see this link for details.