December 20, 2012

OTUS-U135 gimbal retract

UAV Factory released preliminary information on GR-01 gimbal retraction mechanism. GR-01 is specifically designed for OTUS-U135 gyro-stabilized gimbals from DST Control AB. More information is available here
December 19, 2012

Build-a-Quote application

UAV Factory just launched online Build-a-Quote application for Penguin B. The interactive quoting process simplifies the selection process considerably and allows experimenting with various aircraft configurations. For configuring your Penguin B today please visit this link
October 29, 2012

K-State UAV video

Kansas State University Salina released a new video, which discusses the advantages to students being able to work with live situations at K-State while studying for their degree in this exciting field of aviation. K-State currently operates two Penguin B unmanned aircraft, both aircraft are configured for catapult takeoff and unprepared field landing.
August 10, 2012

LETERA Membership

UAV Factory becomes a member of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association
July 09, 2012

54.5 hour nonstop flight - new world endurance record

UAV Factory team expanded the boundaries of the unmanned aircraft vehicle capability by performing a nonstop 54 hour and 27 minute flight of the Penguin B UAV. This is the longest flight for a mini-class unmanned aircraft.
The previous longest endurance mini UAV flight was achieved by AAI’s Aerosonde in 38 hours, followed by Insitu’s Scaneagle in a 28-hour flight. Please see press release for details.
June 25, 2012

3W 55i gas engine with generator system

UAV Factory expands the onboard generator product range by offering 3W’s 55i gas engine with UAV Factory’s proprietary generator system. The system is delivered completely assembled on 3W 55i engine and is capable of providing 80W continuous power to aircraft onboard electronics. For more details please visit product link
Please contact UAV Factory for customized onboard generator systems.
June 04, 2012

K-State’s Penguin’s will fly from Fort Riley

 Recent article about Kansas State University Salina published by The 1st Infantry Division Post.
May 30, 2012

ING Engineering’s Penguin B UAV

Penguin B UAV was recently featured in EstriePlus article about ING Engineering. Please visit this link to view the video interview and the Penguin B autonomous flights.
ING Engineering is a Canadian controlled private corporation with its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and regional offices across the country. The company's experts have well over 500 years of combined experience in unmanned systems design and implementation, operations and engineering, special operations and national law enforcement.
May 24, 2012

UAV Factory will attend the Farnborough Air show 2012

July 9 to 13, 2012, UAV Factory will attend the Farnborough International Airshow. You are warmly welcomed to visit our booth #D18a.
May 24, 2012

UAV Factory will attend the AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America 2012

August 6 to 9, 2012, UAV Factory will attend the AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America. You are warmly welcomed to visit our booth #447.
May 16, 2012

Penguin B featured in Shephard Unmanned Vehicles May/April magazine issue

Penguin B was featured in Shephard's Unmanned Vehicle article on academic unmanned aircraft, written by Andrew White. To read the article, please visit this link. Complete magazine is available here
April 16, 2012

Portable GCS overview video

UAV Factory just released a latest video introduction of the portable ground control station for the unmanned vehicles. Video provides a detailed overview of applications and features of the portable ground station.
April 03, 2012

Portable Pneumatic Catapult Video

Latest catapult video compiltation of the Penguin B UAV takeoff from the portable pneumatic catapult. Catapult can be customized for UAVs with the takeoff weight of up to 40kg. Catapult rail is modular and rail length can be increased for heavier UAVs by adding additional sections.
March 19, 2012

Lightest heated Pitot-Static probe

In order to expand the operational envelope of the Penguin B UAVs, UAV Factory developed a miniature heated Pitot-Static probe. The probe is optimised for small unmanned aircraft vehicles and is the lightest and most power efficient commercially available probe.
The combined dynamic and static port heating system is fully integrated into the tube which allows for minimal power consumption. An onboard feedback controller continuously regulates the temperature of the probe and automatically switches off the heating element when the required temperature is reached. For more information and specifications please visit the product webpage
January 11, 2012

Video of the car launcher and autonomous landing

UAV Factory has released the latest video showing Penguin B autonomous takeoff from the upgraded car top launcher as well as multiple autonomous landings on unprepared field. The Penguin B UAV is equipped with the miniature flashing strobe.
January 08, 2012

Second Generation Ground Control Station

UAV Factory has announced a second generation portable Ground Control Station (GCS). GCS uses unique concept of user-dedicated electronics compartment, where user can install application specific equipment for his particular needs. The new GCS is an adaptable off-the-shelf solution that offers top performance and reliability at excellent price point.
For more information please see the following link as well as download the product datasheet.