November 12, 2014

5 Year Anniversary

Today we are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of UAV Factory! We have managed to go a long way from a small startup to an established company with a line of mature high-tech products. Today we have a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team with 40+ employees. Our collection of expertise is absolutely unique in the unmanned industry – from fuel injected engines, to electronics and mechatronics to software algorithms. During the course of 5 years we have managed to set a world endurance record of over 54 hours of nonstop flight. We are on track to bring to our customers new unmanned products that will give access to skies.
November 03, 2014

Unmanned Systems Technology magazine

UAV Factory featured in the cover story of the launch issue of the Unmanned Systems Technology magazine. Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) is a brand new print publication focusing entirely on the innovative engineering that's successfully pushing boundaries on land, in the air, at sea and even through the universe. Sign up for a free issue of the magazine here
October 29, 2014

Successful demonstration in Uruguay

Congratulations to UMS Group with the successful demonstaration of F-330 unmanned aircraft system in Uruguay! F-330 unmanned system is based on Penguin B platfrom from UAV Factory. For more information , please see this link
August 25, 2014

Landing Penguin BE on a moving unmanned ground vehicle

German Aerospace Center (DLR) successfully started Penguin BE flight testing program for EC-SAFEMOBIL project. Penguin BE will be used for development and testing of safe and reliable landing technologies for very light long endurance platforms (e.g. ELHASPA solar aircraft). The objective of the project is to land the Penguin BE UAV on a moving unmanned ground vehicle. More information is available here
July 14, 2014

UAV Factory starts deliveries of own turnkey Fuel Injected Engines

UAV Factory starts deliveries of own turnkey Fuel Injected Engines. UAV28-EFI is a turnkey fuel injected engine system developed for small unmanned aircraft vehicles with up to 55 lbs takeoff weight. Engine is supplied with UAV Factory's proven 100W onboard generator system, proprietary silent muffler, automatic temperature control duct, UAV Factory's proprietary ECU and fuel pump assembly.
May 20, 2014

Real time Penguin C flight at AUVSI, 2014

During the AUVSI show in Orlando, Florida visitors had a chance to control and receive onboard video from Penguin C aircraft in real time. The most exciting and unique fact was that the Penguin C aircraft was flying on another continent, over 5,000 miles away! Three flights were performed during the show, each one of them lasting approximately 12 hours. The European team launched the Penguin C in a remote test site located in Northern Europe and then the aircraft control was handled over to the ground station located at UAV Factory booth at show floor. The glass to glass video latency was under 500 milliseconds and visitors were able to change the mission profile and receive the video feedback in real time. See p.7 in Flightglobal Daily News
May 09, 2014

UAV Factory secures a first round of financing led by SKYPE’s Toivo Annus

UAV Factory is pleased to share the latest news: today the company received an investment from Toivo Annus, the co-founder and former Head of Engineering at Skype. read more
May 09, 2014

AUVSI's Unmanned Systems

UAV Factory will be exhibiting at the AUVSI North America exhibition in Orlando, Florida. Visit us at BOTH 1656 from May 13th though May 15th and see the latest Penguin C UAS, digital data link & tracking antenna system, pneumatic catapult as well as portable GCS.
February 07, 2014

EFI propulsion upgrade

UAV Factory has released an EFI engine upgrade for the Penguin B platform. Upgrade includes addition of a temperature control system for the cylinder head, silent muffler, new fuel injector map as well as new air intake assembly. Upgrade extends the operational limits of the engine, reduces fuel consumption and improves reliability of the system. The Penguin B EFI aircraft now has industry’s highest endurance and lowest acoustic signature, thanks to proprietary silent muffler design. More information is available here
January 10, 2014

Canadian Defence Review magazine

UAV Factory's partner ING Robotic Aviation was featured in last month’s edition of the of the Canadian Defence Review magazine! The full article starts on page 44, with ING's Serenity featured on page 46 and an interview with company CEO, Ian Glenn, on page 72! Check out all of the details here