We are a leader of the small fixed wing UAV segment.

UAV Factory Ltd. is one of the world’s leading developers of fixed wing composite airframes, subsystems and accesories for small fixed wing unmanned aircraft industry. Aircrafts based on our airframes and subsystems are delivered to over 47 countries. As confirmed by industry analysts, we manufacture the highest performance UAVs in class of up to 25kgs / 55lbs.

We are vertically integrated company.

UAV Factory isn’t your average unmanned airframe development company. Instead of only designing systems, or only researching the technology, or only manufacturing airframes, we’ve chosen to do it all. We believe that by investing in every step of the process — from conception to completion — we can produce a product that features exceptional quality at a competitive price. UAV Factory produces nearly every product and component in house. We oversee the smallest detail of design, and ensure the highest quality in production. In our industry, being a control freak is a good thing.

We deliver technology to the world.

UAV Factory was established in 2009, with a lofty vision...literally. Soon after its founding, the UAV factory was producing unmanned aircraft, pneumatic catapults, onboard generator systems, and portable ground control stations. Word got out. Soon UAV Factory was shipping technology to universities, research agencies, integrator companies, and other organizations. Nearly every leading university with a UAS program owns a Penguin B UAV. Today, UAV Factory’s Penguin B platform is the benchmark for unmanned aerial system research and education.

The Penguin B is recognized industry-wide as one of the most capable and versatile high-performance unmanned airframes. Penguin B airframe and subsystems are used by a large number of system integrators as a basis of their own products. Chances are that if you see a small fixed wing UAV that very much looks like Penguin B, it is actually build on Penguin B airframe.

The Penguin C is a long endurance, long range unmanned aircraft system designed for professional use. Its flight endurance of over 20 hours and operation radius of over 100km / 60 miles makes it extremely productive unmanned platform in terms of distance travelled and area covered in a single flight.

In March 2016 UAV Factory announced its new Octopus ISR Systems division that offers a complete set of ISR solutions consisting of Epsilon advanced gimbals, IP datalinks, tracking antennas, and ground control stations.

We hire experts.

UAV Factory employs the best and the brightest minds in the industry. Our highly trained workforce is formed into integrated teams that function at the highest levels in their specialties. Over 60 employees of UAV Factory are trained in aerospace, mechanical engineering, production, software engineering, software development, electrical engineering, mechatronics, and aerial research.

We use state-of-the art tools.

If you manufacture airframes, you need the right kind of tools. UAV Factory insists on owning and operating the very best. UAV Factory owns a CNC machine shop, capable of manufacturing large molds and high-tolerance unmanned aircraft components in aluminum, steel, and composites. In addition, UAV Factory’s dedicate composites processing shop manufacturers all parts from raw materials. Using advanced research and methodology, we develop extremely high tolerance components for use in our airframes. Everything comes together in the factory, where professionals design and manufacture the electrical assemblies for power generation, engineer the control stations, and produce pneumatic catapults.

We’ve earned respect.

UAV Factory is a respected name in the unmanned industry. Our insistence upon thoroughness, quality, and customer support has allowed us to serve our customers with a product that they love, and that we’re proud of. Today, we’re flying high...and long. The Penguin B UAV is the current world record holder in its class for nonstop flight time — 54 hours and 27 minutes. The Penguin C is at the very to of performance on small fixed wing UAS class.
Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection has paid off.

We’re ready to serve you.

The field of unmanned aerial systems is growing at an unprecedented pace. Select your configuration and obtain a no-obligation quote on any of our products.