Penguin B UAV platform for Research and Education

Excellent capabilities of the Penguin B UAV airframe and a wide range of options make it particularly suitable for research and educational use. Increasing amount of universities and research organizations worldwide choose Penguin B as a standard UAV airframe for their projects. In most of the applications Penguin B will substitute existing UAV platforms that were previously fabricated in-house. The in-house UAV airframes are often based on RC hobby aircraft, manufactured by local hobbyists, students or university personnel. Penguin B brings the unmanned operations capabilities to a different level and can concentrate directly on the actual unmanned application, without losing the focus on the design, fabrication, testing, modifications of the in-house UAV airframes.

Here are some of the reasons that make Penguin B especially suitable for research and education:
  • Long endurance and high payload carrying capacity
  • Interchangeability between the Penguin B airframes
  • Standardized payload modules
  • Short lead times for spare components
  •  Well tested and validated solution
  •  Excellent price point.

A special documentation package is provided together with the Penguin B. The standard contents of documentation package include:
  1. CAD model of the Penguin B aircraft
  2. Airframe component weights for the moment of inertia estimation
  3. Dynamometer engine test data: engine power versus crankshaft revolutions, torque versus crankshaft revolutions, fuel consumption versus crankshaft revolutions
  4. Spreadsheet of servo signal pulse width against control surface deflections
  5. User Manual with assembly guidance as well as suggested CG location for adequate static margin. Recommendations on control surface deflections
  6. Airfoil coordinates
Documentation package enables simple and fast payload and avionics integration using CAD software. All data necessary for stability derivative estimation is included in the package. The documentation provides all necessary information for successful integration of avionics and payload and also enables using Penguin B UAV platform for university projects such as:
  • Student group design projects
  • Control system design projects
  • Final year university projects
  • PhD research projects

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