Pitot-Static Tube for UAVs

The combined Static-Pitot tube is designed to provide both dynamic and static pressure measurements in a single package.

Key Features

  • 41 gram total weight
  • Available in custom length

Pitot-Static tube is made of strong and light carbon fiber tubes and aircraft grade aluminum for maximum rigidity. System can be mounted and removed using two screws for simple UAV transportation . Available in custom lengths to suit various UAV applications.

The datasheet contains recommended Pitot-Static tube length estimation method for the nose-mounting and wing mounting configurations.

If used for Penguin B UAV in nose mounted configuration, standard length is 230 mm.

Product Specification

Weight 41 grams (for L=230 mm) / 1.45 oz (for L=9 inch)
Length L Up to 600 mm / 23 inch
Mounting method Two M5 screws / #10 UNF or UNC
Pressure connections 4 mm or 5/32 inch ID Tygon tubing
Operating temperature -50oC to +85oC


Product Downloads

Combined Pitot-Static tube datasheet
Pitot-Static length selection

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Product Video

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