Heavy Duty Landing Gear

The heavy duty landing gear upgrade is designed for operations from unimproved runways

Key Features

The heavy-duty landing gear components were optimized for operation from unimproved runways. With this upgrade, the takeoff distance from poor quality runway is considerably improved. The Penguin B aircraft can land on rough surface due to a high shock absorbing capacity of the nose landing gear as well as large 128 mm inflatable wheels.

The heavy duty landing gear option can be factory installed on Penguin B UAV airframe or supplied as retrofit kit for existing users of Penguin B.
  • Reduced takeoff distance from unimproved runway
  • Ability to land on rough unimproved airstrip
  • High shock absorbing capacity

Product Specification

Product Downloads

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Product Video

Penguin B landing on unimproved runway

Car takeoff and autonomous landing