Lightweight and compact dual sensor high-performance
EO / LWIR gimbal

Key Features

• Industry leading surveillance range with unique 25 mm, F1.0 IR lens
• Most powerful in class onboard processor
• 720p HD video at 30 fps with full processing
• Integrated high precision GPS/INS module
• Ultimate stability at 30x optical zoom (+4x digital)
• Advanced magnesium structure, no 3D printed parts used
• Moving Map Software
• MISB compliant video stream with KLV metadata
• ITAR-free product for maximum exportability
• Direct Drive Stabilization

Epsilon 140LC is a multi-mission, superior image stabilization and long-range imaging EO/IR surveillance gimbal. While weighing less than 1.3 kg, this compact and highly efficient gimbal combines cutting-edge sensor technology with high accuracy of geo-location and moving map software. Providing ultimate stability and high performance at 30x optical zoom and featuring LWIR sensor with 25 mm F1.0 lens, it enables the system to operate in most demanding conditions. Its robust magnesium structure is optimized to handle high stress during take-off and landing.

Onboard Image Processing

Epsilon 140LC offers superior image quality with outstanding stabilization performance, making it an ideal solution for locating and identifying targets at maximum range. The onboard processing leads to a rock-solid target tracking performance and eliminates any communication latency issues. The new Epsilon 140LC requires lower bandwidth datalinks and high-quality video stream along with snapshots can be stored in HD quality onboard.

Target Tracking

The new generation Epsilon 140LC is capable of hands-free tracking of moving objects. Once the operator allocates the target and zooms in, regardless of the aircraft movement direction, the onboard processor holds the target in center of the video screen. Moreover, it is capable of identification from significantly longer distances than other systems of this size and weight. The Epsilon 140LC – as its previous gimbals – provides extremely high image quality with excellent stabilization and target identification features that makes Epsilon 140LC the absolute solution for surveillance.

Rugged, Lightweight and Environmentally Sealed

Epsilon 140LC is IP64 rated, so can be operated in any conditions. Its environmentally sealed construction will protect electronics from dust and heavy rain. Advanced magnesium structure is very robust and optimized for demanding applications were the gimbal needs to handle shock and rapid accelerations. Epsilon 140LC can handle routine parachute recoveries, net recoveries, belly landings and catapult launches with ease.

Direct Drive Stabilization

Direct drive torque motor stabilization produces stable video even at 30x optical zoom or up to 1.3° vertical field of view.

Dual Sensor

Epsilon 140LC is available with multiple sensors, including global shutter HD daylight sensor, as well as a high sensitivity 640x512p LWIR night sensor with a unique 25 mm, F1.0 lens.

Electronic Video Stabilization

Electronic stabilization with roll correction removes the high frequency jitter often found on small unmanned aircraft platforms. This significantly reduces the operator workload and allows to concentrate on the mission objective.

H.264 Internal Encoder

The video is encoded with H.264 compression format to support IP datalink options and to reduce datalink system bandwidth requirement.


Epsilon 140LC is non–ITAR product and is available worldwide.

Plug and Play

Simply connect the Epsilon 140LC to a power, network and serial communication cable – and it’s ready to use. No need for any additional time-consuming integration.

Product Specification


Product Downloads

Epsilon 140LC Datasheet

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Product Video

Epsilon EO/IR gyro-stabilized gimbals presentation

Epsilon 140 on fixed wing UAV

Penguin C with Epsilon 140 - moving vehicle automatic tracking

Penguin C with Epsilon 135 - long range surveillance

Penguin C with Epsilon 140 - agricultural tractor tracking

Penguin C with Epsilon 135 - scene steering

Penguin C tracking another Penguin C

Penguin C with Epsilon 140 - 1.8 degree FOV fast vehicle tracking