Guided Systems Technologies, Inc

"Our test pilot Wayne Rye and VP Operations Scott Vinson spent sufficient time flight evaluating the Penguin and have been impressed with the build quality and its flight characteristics .
Such a positive evaluation of an airframe is quite rare for us."
Young Kim, CEO

Virginia Tech, USA

""Your company did such a great job with quality control that there was minimal fabrication needed to generate a functional UAV.
For research programs on a budget that have a competent mechanic, building the unfinished kit was minimal input and cost effective."
"...I was very impressed with the plane..."
"...flying thousands of hours on standard ARFs and custom built planes, its nice to change it up once and a while!""
John Cianchetti, Project Associate

Northwestern Michigan College

"We have been very impressed with the Penguin B. Not only is the performance and quality outstanding, we have been extremely happy with the help and attention we get from the UAV Factory. We are involved in both education and research, and the ability to have a professional quality UAV that is completely configurable to our needs makes it a clear choice for us. "
Tony Sauerbrey, UAS Program Director

Magline Composites

"...penguin has completed 100% fully autonomous flights. Now were doing flight analysis, however, it seems to behave pretty good for the look of telemetry data. Congratulations, you have a good one here!"
Miguel A. Gomez Arranz, Technical Director

Flint Hills Solutions

"FHS has integrated the Penguin B fixed wing airframe with its autopilot and payload systems, and is now providing the UAV designated as the Flint Hills Solutions' FH-720 series aircraft. FHS chose to use the Penguin B airframe as opposed to other available fixed wing aircraft based on cost and quality of the Penguin B systems.
The Penguin B is far superior to military and commercial aircraft we have directly evaluated and flown over the last 3 years.The quality and level of engineering maturity of this system is exceptional and the value is outstanding."
Roger Powers, President & CEO

Latitude 38, UAV Outback Challenge 2010 Documentary winner

"I am definitely going to stick with the Penguin for next year, the airframe is excellent, and does everything we want it to just beautifully...
Thanks very much for your support, and please extend our thanks to your team, you all have created a fantastic product."
Roland Schreier

David Erdos

"...we were extremely satisfied with the Penguin airframe. The construction quality is excellent and the composites work is beautiful, and while it was flying it handled wonderfully, very stable and smooth. We really loved that airframe, and we would like to use another one.."
David Erdos